Best-in-Class Retail Analytics & Application Ecosystem 

Business intelligence for discovering what happened, what may happen, and what you should do to make it happen

Access the most powerful data processing, analytics, storage, and application delivery ecosystem specifically built for retailers and their suppliers

  • Applications that run on purpose-built infrastructure to facilitate lightning fast data-loading, cleansing, and on-demand mobile visualizations
  • Batch and real-time machine learning algorithm pipelines
  • Rapid retailer onboarding in days and at a lower cost than legacy platforms 
  • Eliminate data cubes and long data processing times; run queries against a raw database and get answers from billions of records in seconds 
  • Cutting edge components from Apache Spark, Dremel, dataflow and other modern frameworks
  • Always deployed in a highly secure, single tenant environment
  • Data APIs: access any dimension of raw transaction records such as, customer type, location, product data, and more, from a single line of code

  • Query API: develop smarter applications by embedding on-demand queries and insights into your existing systems

  • Predictive APIs: activate machine generated outcomes into any system such as triggering a customer email or informing a distribution center an item is out of stock