Promotion Measurement

SwiftIQ's newest application will make tracking and analyzing your promotions easier, faster and more efficient.

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Over $200 billion is spent annually on trade promotions, with the majority failing to deliver a positive ROI. 


That's why we've built our new analysis tool to help businesses effectively measure promotions,

and it's a complete game changer. 


Here are some questions to ask when you're analyzing and measuring your promotions:  

Did your promotion drive incremental growth to the brand/category and change shopper behavior?
What was the source of gain in sales and shares of the promotion?
How did the basket size and number of items change?
How much did the promotion contribute to the category's performance vs. store traffic and dollars?
How do promotion results compare to one another?
Which promotions and tactics should be repeated, reduced or eliminated?



With our new Promotion Measurement Tool you'll be able to: 

Promotions’ Impact
Quantify promotions' impact on the category, sub-category/segment and promoted product group
Source of Volume
Evaluate share changes and identify the source of volume
Shifts in Take Rate
Assess basket level behavioral changes, such as shifts in item take rate
Compare Time Periods
Flexible and dynamic time periods to easily compare pre- and year-over-year periods, as well as custom date range
shopper behavior
Quantify the impact promotions have on shopper behavior
coming soon!
Calculate true incrementality with comparisons vs. statistical baseline

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