Realize more value from your transaction data

Answer key business questions such as:

  • What categories/items/brands are most relevant to drive incremental sales?
  • What time of day or day of week are items or promotions bought?
  • Where do my most valuable customers shop and why?
  • How much volume should I expect to sell?
  • Which stores are best to launch a new product?
  • Was a promotion effective and how much did it contribute to total store sales?
  • Am I losing sales to poor price effectiveness?
  • Which stores can be clustered based on similar behaviors?

Empower anyone to make smart decisions with a self-service business intelligence platform

  •  On-demand report and visualization engine to drill into challenging questions fast
  • Create custom dashboards to track the most important trends
  •  Instantly understand category, item, and brand cross-purchase correlations
  •  Measure in-store events and promotion results
  •  Access interactive dashboards like dayparts, products, and store level insights
  • Enhance shelf availability and minimize out of stocks by easily identifying sales discrepancies
  •  SQL Editor to write custom queries

Product Highlights

  • The most powerful retail-centric built data warehouse that can store years of data and query across billions of records in seconds
  • All applications delivered via an intuitive mobile friendly interface
  • Blend retailer, supplier or other 3rd party data for enhanced analytics
  • Custom apps and alerts automate reports or notifications
  • Build dynamic charts and graphs make reports easy to interpret
  • Unparalleled agility with open data, query and predictive d party tools
  • More accurate predictions with self optimizing machine learning algorithms