Transaction-Level Data

Realizing the Value of Supermarket POS Data

By Jason Lobel • September 18, 2017

The $1.1 trillion supermarket industry generates massive amounts of data, though few grocers use granular point-of-sale (POS) transaction logs to extract insights for operational intelligence and to address the modern consumer.  Historically, POS logs were cost prohibitive to store because even a small retailer could generate tens or hundreds of thousands of records daily. Discover what value lies hidden in this data and how modern technology now enables even the smallest of grocers to compete smarter to grow revenue, deliver more relevant experiences and maximize cash flow. 


What you can expect to learn in this ebook:

  • How changing consumer preferences and important trends like mobility, eCommerce, big data and personalization are quickly altering the competitive landscape
  • Why imminent threats, like the aggressive growth plans for AmazonFresh to expand in over 20 markets by 2014, are reason for adopting better data-driven strategies now
  • How POS transaction logs provide the key inputs to localization, inventory optimization, fact-based merchandising, labor utilization and identifying fraud
  • Why enabling granular POS data to be accessible on-demand is crucial for supply chain collaboration
  • How the drastic decline of storage fees and the emergence of powerful machine learning tools allow grocers to gain adaptive intelligence to make smarter decisions faster


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