Measuring Display Effectiveness

Analyzing The Success of a New Display Using Test & Control Methodology

By Lea El Hage • Mar 20, 2018 5:02:37 PM

Measuring Display Effectiveness

A leading chocolate brand implemented a display in a sample of stores of a large grocery retail chain to promote 3 of its SKUs. Using Test & Control methodology, this case study measures the efficiency of the display to help the brand evaluate if it should run the display again and how to optimize its sales in the process.

Using SwiftIQ’s Retail Execution Cloud, the brand measured the sales, the basket size and the number of customers in the “test” stores and the “control” stores by determining a “before” and “after” period for each group of stores. To make the comparison possible, a “normalization” of the “before” period was required. Following the definition of this baseline, the change was calculated between the two “after” periods of each group of stores.


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