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We empower collaboration between CPG manufacturers and retailers through a process of automated retail data capture, cleansing and enrichment, powered by the most granular, real-time, on-demand insights ecosystem to improve store execution and digital experiences. The result is maximized store-level profitability, significant improvement of customer satisfaction, and shopping experiences while simultaneously eliminating costly inefficiencies that limit retailer collaboration and fast decision-making.

Translate Insights into Tactical Strategic Actions

Manage Performance
  • Drill-down from category, brand, and item performance through the retail data to specifics based on location, time, and customer demographics -  to understand reasons behind performance results to make quick, smart, and forward-looking decisions.
  • Build competitive analysis on traditional metrics (sales and market share) and on granular, basket-level insights such as basket size, velocity,  incremental sales, and tracking seasonality opportunities
  • Access automated, personalized dashboards for efficient monitoring
  • Create custom dashboards and alerts within SwiftIQ to quickly distribute information
  • Understand the performance of foodservice, meal solutions, and other non UPC items such as coupons
  • Diagnose key problem areas faster, and anticipate out-of-stocks by accessing sell-in/sell-out data and forecast analytics
Measure Activity
  • Precisely measure full store ROI from any activity (displays, promotions, coupons, etc.) utilizing time-based transaction data
  • Implement zero-based budgeting on all customer-specific decisions from promotions to staffing, equipment, pricing and more
  • Quantify both item and full store retail impact with complete basket-level insights
  • Eliminate reliance on guessing from weekly aggregated syndicated data
  • Analyze profitability metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to maximize lift and ROI
  • Analyze the most efficient discounts, the most profitable customer segments to capitalize on, and the best year/week/day parts to target
Recommend Promotions
  • Sell an additional item by identifying optimal cross-purchase correlations to create the most effective bundles by month, week, or time of day
  • Analyze affinities based on any product attribute such as item, brand, pack size, or category
  • Discover how unique items are to each other and which item tends to drive the other
  • Grow your foodservice category by pairing fresh food with beverages, snacks, and more
  • Observe and understand, on the fly, unique shopper behaviors such as basket size and content, number of visits and purchase history to identify valuable targets and personalize offers
Optimize Assortment
  • Sell more per store by utilizing the incremental value generated by an item or brand and its store contribution to make continuous improvements to shelf space
  • Localize distribution and assortment recommendations by catering to specific behaviors of a retail location
  • Assist store managers with flex space decisions
  • Create better planograms during annual, semi-annual, or quarterly resets
Launch New Items Smarter
  • Know the best stores, prices, and times to launch a new item
  • Track new item performance in real-time
  • Collaborate with retailers and distributors by focusing on stores that will drive the most growth
  • Communicate the best sales stories using daypart, basket-size, and category-level data
  • Identify key opportunities to launch a new product
  • Eliminate poorly performing items faster, freeing up space for growth
Track Loyalty Behavior on the fly
  • Utilize deep customer insights to identify key shopper missions and personalize customer experiences
  • Quickly identify your most valuable customers - Know how much they spend, what/when they buy, and how many times they visit your store
Enrich Retailer Data
  • Improve retailers’ transaction data by enriching transactional data with metadata such as supplier product catalogue, location, and other attributes to identify
  • Understand performance in terms of retailers’ views on their calendar time periods, product and category hierarchies and internal reportings
  • Improve joint business planning and partnerships as a valuable data provider

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