SwiftIQ, Acumera, Conexxus and Nouria Energy Collaborate to Deliver First End to End Cloud-Native Remote Autonomous POS Polling, API & Retail Analytics Infrastructure

By Jason Lobel • June 25, 2019
SwiftIQ, with partner Acumera, launches a cloud-native autonomous point of sale (POS)
transaction log polling, ingestion and analytics infrastructure, initially configured for
convenience stores running a Gilbarco Passport or VeriFone Commander.
Together Acumera and SwiftIQ enable rapid deployment of secure transaction journal streaming into a cloud-based data warehouse to facilitate automated analytics and vendor collaboration. Powered by Acumera’s smart secure network technology, this system is fully PCI DSS Compliant, with all data air-gapped from the retail network. Acumera’s reliable connections between the point of sale and SwiftIQ’s Retail Execution Cloud ensures data security and simplifies PCI compliance. Acumera and SwiftIQ intend to produce NCR compatible applications soon.
SwiftIQ has pioneered programmable infrastructure, including application programming
interface (API) for analytics, machine learning and vendor integration. These APIs also
integrate with SwiftIQ’s Retail Execution Cloud to allow retailer and brands an automated,
end-to-end system of intelligence, including transaction journal data capture, developer
portal, interface for ad hoc analytics, guided insights for assortment, promotions, affinities,
and vendor collaboration applications. Convenience retailers can now translate legacy,
offline XML data processes used by hundreds of thousands of locations using Conexxus’
standard NAXML output from major POS systems into the emerging future state 3.6
Conexxus API standard.
“The combination of SwiftIQ’s automated analytics platform and our trusted network
supplier Acumera has allowed us to have instant merchandising and marketing insights
down from a few day lag to instantly via secure transaction streaming from our Gilbarco
Passport POS,” said Abhi Patel, Nouria Energy’s Director of IT. “We look forward to utilizing
this capability to enable real-time data and APIs for agility, access and insight automation to
improve promotions, out of stocks and our overall margins by reacting faster to business
Gray Taylor, executive director of Conexxus said “SwiftIQ is on the cutting edge of analytics
for convenience retailers and we believe their API infrastructure compliments Conexxus’
strategic API direction, enabling industry transformation to facilitate data agility. Acumera
provides not only innovative critical security infrastructure but also a service to automate
raw data file transfers, while preserving data security. The future of retail depends on tightly
integrating data, in a highly-structured fashion, with our trading partners so we can have the
right product, at the right time, for each consumer’s immediate demand.”
“We are fortunate to have Acumera as a great partner alongside Conexxus membership,
Gilbarco and Verifone to facilitate digital transformation,” said SwiftIQ CEO and Co-Founder
Jason Lobel. “This level of automation, security and interoperability will deliver incredible
value to convenience retailers to unlock the value of their data”, said Lobel. “Notably, the
first Conexxus NAXML version of transaction log data standards were created in April of
2000. Nearly twenty years later we now have a modern API-first, cloud-first infrastructure
that retailers can use to accelerate growth.”
“Our partnership with SwiftIQ and Conexxus helps retailers like Nouria Energy rapidly deploy sophisticated marketing analytics,” said Dirk Heinen, Acumera’s CEO. “We look forward to helping retailers leverage sales data to build their revenue and margins.”
About SwiftIQ
SwiftIQ offers their Retail Execution Cloud which can analyze billions of records in seconds
enabling retailers to compete smarter, faster and localize assortment and marketing
decision easily. SwiftIQ works with consumer product goods manufacturers, distributors and
primarily offline retailers such as convenience and grocery retailers to automate insights and empowering users to make tactical merchandising and marketing decisions efficiently.
SwiftIQ is a strategic partner to the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) that
works with retail chains as small as 20 stores up to many of the largest chains in the billions
in revenue as well as leading brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, MarsWrigley,
Hershey, and KraftHeinz.
About Acumera
Acumera provides managed security and network visibility for the payment systems and
operations of multi-site convenience stores, retail, and restaurants. Our clients focus on
growing their business when they use Acumera’s services, remote systems visibility, strong
data security, and compliance tools. Since 2002, Acumera has managed and secured
thousands of retail networks.
About Conexxus
Conexxus is a non-profit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the
development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation and advocacy for
the convenience store and petroleum market. Conexxus membership collaborates on key
present and future industry challenges and innovations. Our work efforts improve
profitability by reducing the cost of IT ownership and improving the competitiveness of our
About Nouria Energy
Worcester, Mass.-based Nouria Energy owns 138 c-store locations in five New England
states, 117 of which are company operated and 21 of which are commission and leased
dealers. It also owns and operates 47 car washes under the Golden Nozzle brand
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