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SwiftIQ Announces Major Product & Data Milestones

By Jason Lobel • October 01, 2019
SwiftIQ, the leading retail analytics platform for food, beverage and fuel
retail, has announced its convenience database has surpassed 5 billion transactions
with national coverage and retailer and store coverage has more than doubled since
Q1. With this scale, SwiftIQ will be allowing suppliers to aggregate their data into a
single, aggregated view in early 2020.
“Our engineering team has created many valuable, unique applications in the last 12 months from our Cloud Data Hub (CDH) to our Retail Promotion Measurement platform and our new Aggregation capability will be second to none in the convenience channel," said Jason Lobel, CEO and Co-Founder.
Clients will be able to explore how store-level or chain-wide investments
impact trips, total basket spend and return on investment in a few minutes as well
as automate delivering insights to teammates and partners. We're working with
nearly every major brand in beverage, alcohol, candy, and other top convenience
categories and extending our automation suite to their wholesalers and
This will be the first event for SwiftIQ to showcase its Cloud Data Hub, which automates
real-time data collection, analytics and an API infrastructure to enable a hub for
applications to be built off the emerging Conexxus API standards. “Retailers are
really excited about this capability to help them gain immediate agility and to
realize the value of their data. In addition to activating applications for promotions,
assortment, pricing, bundling and access data sharing programs with suppliers,
clients seek to enable personalized marketing audiences, loss prevention, age
verification and compliance applications. Retailers will also be able to access
proprietary supplier applications and will soon be able to use our machine learning
environment for more advanced forecasting and offer automation” said Lobel.
During the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) convention this week,
SwiftIQ will be showcasing its newest innovations at booth B3855 and will be
speaking with clients from GPM Investments and RaceTrac Petroleum in a session
titled How to Measure Promotion Effectiveness and ROI that will draw on some of
the learnings from its new promotion platform.
About SwiftIQ
SwiftIQ offers their Retail Execution Cloud which can analyze billions of records in
seconds enabling retailers to compete smarter, faster and localize assortment and
marketing decision easily. SwiftIQ works with consumer product goods
manufacturers, distributors and primarily offline retailers such as convenience and
grocery retailers to automate insights and empowering users to make
merchandising and marketing decisions efficiently. In 2018, SwiftIQ grew the convenience store database to over 5 billion baskets working with chains as small
as 20 stores up to many billions in revenue and many leading brands such as Coca-
Cola, Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors, Hershey, and MarsWrigley, among others
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