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Why Are We Here?

SwiftIQ began building its Retail Execution Cloud in 2013 when Amazon announced its new venture, AmazonFresh. Given Amazon’s remarkable ability to automate predictive applications from supply chain to store to customer, and its significant physical retail presence via the acquisition of Whole Foods, it is vital for retailers to realize the value of their granular transaction, shipment and customer data with on-demand insights and artificial intelligence applications.

A primary problem is that most grocery, drug, mass, and other retailers and their suppliers rely on slow, aggregated legacy syndicated data. Syndicated data has five major problems that limit growth and the ability to deliver contextually relevant, localized shopping experiences:

  1. Lack of granularity limits measurement & localization:  Brands cannot measure displays, media, and other activities if they are limited to weekly sales and volume figures at the lowest level that is delivered to them (8-30 days post purchase).
  2. Unequipped for Foodservice: The most profitable and important area of emphasis is food service and the grocery perimeter. Syndicated data is built off UPC data whereas foodservice data is largely PLU-based and unavailable from syndicated providers. SwiftIQ, which captures every UPC and PLU, brings this insight to light.
  3. Sample data is less accurate and actionable: Syndicated data is relevant for forecasting national market shares. It is highly inaccurate and in other contexts and should not be used for tactical execution.
  4. Syndicated data is built on closed systems, which limit collaboration, speed, and agility:  A lack of powerful APIs limits the ability to embed granular retail data into machine learning forecast and other third party systems.
  5. Prohibitive Cost Structure: The syndicated data ecosystem is built for high-level market views and consulting, not for execution.  Brands are forced to pay exorbitant amounts for basic data access that is delivered weeks after the transaction at a weekly aggregated level. This limits a brand’s ability to invest in promotions, media, and other resources to grow its business, creating a negative cycle where declining retail performance puts pressure on budgets which forces brands to sacrifice certain investments.

The SwiftIQ Advantage

SwiftIQ was built to deliver a more precise, real-time, tactical execution platform for retailers and brands. In addition to being the most granular platform available, it offers complete data and insights applications for non-technical users and powerful APIs to extend insights anywhere.

SwiftIQ’s infrastructure is Amazon-like and transformative to provide the on-demand insight and agility necessary for retailers to gain a competitive edge:

End-to-End Ecosystem
Full use of the power of retail analytics including transaction, shipment, shopper, margin and space data
Deeper Granularity
Store-based, basket-level insights delivered from 100% actual receipt-level data - Understand dimensions of time, product basket, payment, item, location, shipment and any other metadata
Enhanced User Experience
Interactive dashboards, dynamic visualizations, filterable reports, and multi-device mobile access allowing rapid access from the office or the field
Speed to Insight
Near real-time data and on-demand processing across tens of billions of records to enable fast decision making
Optimized Collaboration
Facilitated retailer/supplier collaboration with separate, secure, single-tenant platforms allowing suppliers to contribute their proprietary transaction, space and shipment data to enrich retailers’ data
Cost Efficiency
Competitive pricing with measurable return on investment
Cutting-Edge Measurement Capabilities
Measurement of item, category, full store lift and other complicated key performance metrics in seconds
Decision Automation
Quick and smart insights and recommendations that produce answers to complex business questions
Artificial Intelligence
Powerful, self-improving, predictive forecasts and applications that gain accuracy with more data
Unparalleled Agility
Award-winning API infrastructure that allows you to interact with any data record, write queries, and embed insights into third party systems seamlessly

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