PDI Acquires SwiftIQ Expanding Its Data and Insights Solutions to Include Analytics Cloud

PDI paves the way for convenience retailers and CPG brands to maximize store-level profitability through automated analytics and AI technology

Making Retail Smarter:

From Supply Chain to Stores to Customer Experiences

Connecting retailers, brands and distributors through the most advanced data ecosystem available.

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Powering Innovation & Partnerships

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Talks from NACS 2017

Success Stories from Anheuser-Busch, Racetrac, and Argo Tea.

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How to Win at Retail

Enrich and utilize your most granular retail data efficiently
to maximize profitability and enhance shopper experience.

Amazon will be everywhere... Their success is driven by a best-in-class data infrastructure and decision automation from supply chain to store to shopper enabling great customer experiences and cost efficiencies.

SwiftIQ’s platform brings a similar technology advantage enabling retailers, suppliers and distributors to automate sharing and enriching granular data, make decisions efficiently via on-demand insights and a powerful artificial intelligence system built for retail.

From Replenishment, to Stores, to Customers Experiences





Business Intelligence Services

The Most Advanced Retail Analytics Platform

SwiftIQ provides retailers, brands, and distributors with a leading, on-demand insights and decisioning platform from the most highly granular, real-time store, customer and supply chain data to create compelling shopping experiences and maximize profitability.

OVER 5 Billion
in Records
Over $98B
in Receipt-Level Transaction Data

Leverage the Power of Basket-Level Data

Harness the Value of Basket-Level Insights to Measure Decisions, Optimize Sales, Collaborate with Vendors, and Drive ROI

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Smarter & Quicker Decisions

SwiftIQ makes unifying, analyzing and activating decisions from near real-time, granular retail data easy.

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"The future of Insights derived from Category Management is dependent on the ability to mine the ever expanding set of shopper data. The granularity of transactional receipt level data allows a retailer or manufacturer to tailor their business to marketplace needs and allows them to improve their merchandising, pricing and shelving. SwiftIQ brings to life the insights from the data at the speed of a click allowing people to unleash the power of basket data, infinities and bundle promotions."
Tom McDonald
Chairman of the Advisory Board,
Category Management Association
"RaceTrac is committed to enhancing our guest shopping experience and maximizing store profitability. SwiftIQ is helping us and our vendor partners use highly granular transaction insights to drive revenue through optimal food service bundles, promotions and improved category management."
Dayna Reed
Director of Reporting and Insights,
"SwiftIQ is an absolute game changer for our business at Anheuser-Busch, they allow us to have an elevated seat at the table with customers through cutting edge technology that brings receipt level data to life and allows for us to partner with customers across not only their alcohol category but the entire store. Translating insights into actionable retail programs has been a key differentiator for us through partnering with SwiftIQ."
David Vartanian
Sr. Director of National Category Management,